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For those that celebrate Easter, one of the highlights is baking and eating endless culinary delights. One of the darlings of Easter baking is Braided Easter Egg Bread, very popular in Europe and other countries that observe Easter. If you’re not familiar, it’s a sweetened, yeasted dough with colourful dyed eggs baked right into the dough! Check out how to make it for your family here!Baking clean-up can be arduous if done incorrectly, but with these tips, clean-up can be a snap. Here’s how:

Let’s Start With Your Hands 

Don’t head for the sink if your hands are covered in bread dough. Even a little bit of water will turn that dough into a sticky glue-like mess. Also, don’t use a sponge to clean up doughy hands, as that dough will imbed itself into the holes of your sponge leaving you one more thing to clean – and it won’t be easy! 

The best way to get sticky dough off your hands after making bread is to use its main ingredient: flour. Just sprinkle some flour on your hands and rub them together. You’ll notice how easily the gunk on your hands starts to slough off onto the counter. Add a bit more flour and keep scrubbing until your hands are relatively free of dough.

Next Up Are the Utensils 

This flour-clean method will also work with utensils, metal and wood. Sprinkle and rub. Any dough left over in your mixing bowl can be left out to dry. Once the dough is dry, you can easily scrape it out of the bowl and into your compost waste bin. 

The Countertop is Next

Using a plastic scraper, scrape flattened dough residue into the middle of the counter, creating a small pile of bits. If you have a lot of flour amidst these bits, use a sieve and sift it into a bowl. Once this reusable flour has been collected, throw away the rest. 

Ta-Da It’s Like Magic

What could have been a clean up nightmare is almost done, and we haven’t even got our hands wet! Grab a pan and brush combo to do a good sweep.

The End – Almost 

The final step uses warm water in a spray bottle. Spray the counter well and let it soak at least 30 seconds before using fingers to loosen stuck on gunk. Much like finger painting, this part is very zen-like. Take your time. Now simply wipe the counter clean using a microfibre cloth. See, fast, easy and much less sticky!

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Photo by Nadya Spetnitskaya on Unsplash