It’s Time to Clean Your Leather Purse

A leather purse is not just an accessory, it’s a statement of timeless elegance. However, after a year or so, exposure to the elements, daily wear, and neglect can take a toll on its luster. If your favourite leather purse is looking dull and dirty, don’t despair! You don’t need to be a leathersmith or […]

Dirty Collars? Keep Them Clean with Water

What happens when your favourite winter accessory becomes a canvas for a makeup mishap? It’s not pretty! No one likes that creamy white film that foundation can leave smudged on the collar of your winter coat. Luckily, this fashion faux pas has been picked up by TikTok and discussed ad nauseam. But which cleaning tips […]

A Basketful of Serenity: How to Clean-Up Your Home with Baskets

Decluttering and optimizing space with baskets are a practical and stylish solution for your home. These seemingly dull items can bring order to chaos and add a touch of charm to any room. Ranging in style from simple to show-room decorative, there’s a storage container no matter your home décor. Entryway Appeal Welcome guests into […]

Buy Nothing Groups to the Rescue!

In a world dominated by consumerism, it’s no secret that our homes often become cluttered with items we no longer need or use. While tossing them into the trash is one option, a more favourable choice would be to take these unwanted items to the nearest thrift shop. More recently, a third option has gained […]

Tips for a Seasonal Closet Declutter

As the seasons change, Canadians across the country are faced with the often difficult task of switching out their summer wardrobe to make way for a much bulkier autumn collection. This task is so much more than just creating additional space in your closet. It’s a journey that reveals two contrasting mindsets; the practical and […]

How to Master Retail-Inspired Home Organization

In the quest for a clutter-free and well-organized space, taking inspiration from retailing practices can be surprisingly effective. By taking cues from the world of retail, you can bring order, creativity, and a sense of fun to your home organization endeavors. Remember, the goal is not just functionality, but also creating a space that reflects […]

How to Keep Your White Sneakers White (and other Secrets)

White sneakers have a clean and fresh appearance that makes them the perfect footwear for summer. Incredibly versatile, white sneakers are a classic choice that pairs well with shorts, skirts, dresses, or jeans. However, keeping those pristine kicks looking fresh can be quite a challenge, especially with all the outdoor activities and potential stains lurking […]

How to Unshrink Your Favourite Sweater

Unshrinking a Sweater in 8 Steps Help! Due to a laundry day mishap, I shrunk my brand-new sweater! Is there anything I can do? You Asked, We Answered (with some tips to save the day!) Shrinking a favourite sweater happens to everyone. But don’t donate it to Value Village just yet! While results may vary, […]

Organize Your Closet Like a Kardashian

Swapping out shorts and tees for bulky sweaters and jeans is not an easy task. It takes skill to do it well, and a few tips from the pros like Kim K doesn’t hurt. Refresh Your Closet Like the Hollywood Elite Superstar Kim Kardashian started her rise to fame by organizing closets. It’s true. Years […]

Say Goodbye to Sunscreen Stains

Say Goodbye to Sunscreen Stains   Picture this: a beautiful sandy beach, a good book, and nothing to do. It’s the beach lover’s ideal weekend. However, sunscreen stains can ruin the mood and your favourite swimwear if not treated properly. Do lather up, but make sure to avoid sloppy applications of sunscreen. Sunscreen stains are […]

7 Reasons You Need an Outdoor Clothesline

7 Reasons You Need an Outdoor Clothesline   Retractable, stationary, or compact, the versatile clothesline is a must-have for every homeowner (even those with limited space). Not convinced? We’ve compiled 8 reasons that will have you rushing out to buy one this weekend. More Money in your Wallet Everyone likes to save money and reducing […]

The Most Genius Shoe Gadget

The Most Genius Shoe Gadget   Ancient artifact or modern necessity? The humble shoehorn dates back to the Middle Ages, where historical records indicate the Queen of England, Elizabeth 1st, bought 18 of them from her shoemaker, Garrett Johnson, between 1563 and 1566. Remarkably, she ordered four more in 1567 from the blacksmiths Gilbert Polson […]

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