Tips for a Seasonal Closet Declutter's featured image

As the seasons change, Canadians across the country are faced with the often difficult task of switching out their summer wardrobe to make way for a much bulkier autumn collection. This task is so much more than just creating additional space in your closet. It’s a journey that reveals two contrasting mindsets; the practical and the sentimental. On the one hand, there’s a voice that urges you to purge and create an efficient wardrobe to embrace the new season. On the other hand, there’s an attachment to clothes that hold some kind of sentiment. This makes it difficult to say goodbye to select pieces. But we’ve got a few strategies to help you through this clash of perspectives.

  1. Divide your summer wardrobe into `keepers’ and `items to donate.’ Don’t forget the shoes and summer flip-flops!
  2. Pack away items for donation into bags and remove them from the room (preferably right to your car or schedule a pick up from a charitable organization).
  3. Look out for any damage, holes, stains, or clothing items that may have shrunk in the wash.
  4. If in doubt, try clothes on for the 100th time to make sure they still fit as they should.
  5. If you have trouble deciding whether you’ll wear the item again, do the litmus test and ask yourself what occasion you would wear it, for example, to work, on the weekend, at the beach, or to a party, etc.
  6. If you still have doubts, sell anything you haven’t worn in a year that might be out of style. Consider a reseller like Poshmark.
  7. If that doesn’t work, try to strip out any emotional attachment you may have for said item. Be honest with yourself.
  8. Leave out a few good transitional outfits. Those that are cool enough for warm autumn days, but not too summery.
  9. Of course, before packing away your summer clothes in storage, make sure they are all clean so they’re ready to wear next summer.
  10. Never fall into the trap of having a `maybe’ pile as these stragglers will wriggle their way back into the wardrobe!


Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash