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A Clean Home Can Boost Your Mental Health


These days our mental health is being bombarded by pandemic protocols, working from home and the cold weather. We’re all feeling the pressure. And while health professionals encourage us to eat well, stay fit and connect with loved ones on video chats, keeping up with household chores is also proven to give our mental health a boost. 


Reduce Stress & Anxiety

It may feel as if you’ve lost control over your life right now. But you do have control over your living space. Cleaning and organizing are strongly connected to reducing stress and anxiety. It’s a simple formula: clearing away clutter, scrubbing surfaces clean, and sweeping up floors is like flipping a reset button and creates a sense of calm.


Stop Family Fighting

Shoes scattered at the door, coats thrown on the floor and dishes scattered here and there. Kids can wreak havoc on your home in no time at all, opening the door to animosity and in-fighting. The fix? Set up a cleaning routine for every member of the family. If enforced, it will minimize fighting, ease tensions and make everyone much happier. 


Increase Productivity

You may have heard a tidy and well-organised space can improve overall productivity. It’s true. A clean home (or work space) lets you concentrate without distractions from dust, dirt and clutter. This leads to an increase in energy and relaxes the mind, allowing you to get much more done!


Improve Sleep

While reducing stress and anxiety will help you sleep better. Studies have shown that clean sheets and making your bed are also connected to a good night’s sleep. And a good night’s sleep comes with its own list of considerable mental health benefits. Help your family sleep better by washing sheets once every week. 


Encourage Better Eating Habits

Have you ever noticed when under pressure you tend to crave chips, burgers and chocolate? It’s our body’s natural response to stressors, including mess and clutter. So, if you’re looking to eat better, start by cleaning up. A study in Psychology Science found those working in an organized space were two times more likely to choose an apple over a chocolate bar than those working in a messy area.

Image by Daniel Reche from Pixabay