All Decked Out: How to Clean your Deck's featured image

Does your deck get slippery underfoot when it rains? It’s probably time for a good clean. Here’s a guide to get your deck looking new.


Remove and shake out any mats or outdoor rugs, the barbecue, and furniture.


Clean the deck of dirt and debris. Start by sweeping off surface dirt, especially between planks and on facing boards on a wooden deck, to keep up airflow and reduce standing water. Always work from the far corner out.


To wash and remove any layers of surface mould that gets slippery when wet on a wooden deck floor, use a long-handled scrub brush, soapy water, and an outdoor hose, or use a power washer. If you use a power washer be sure to speak to an expert about proper application. Damage from using high pressure can vary from splinters to visible marks in the wood. After scrubbing, rinse and keep the hose down; start at the part of the patio closest to the house and move towards the lawn (or garden if you have one).

To wash a concrete deck floor, wet a mop using all-purpose cleaner and water. Wipe back and forth and rinse out the mop frequently. Don’t use abrasive cleaners and bleach products on concrete – they may damage the finish. You may want to power wash your concrete deck floor, but speak to a pro about the right pressure and application.


Let the deck dry thoroughly. Consult with your home supply store about any recommended finishes.