Backyard Toys Need Cleaning Too's featured image

Now that the warmer weather is here, it’s important to give your children’s outdoor toys a good clean! Here’s how.

Wooden swing set: Using a dry microfibre cloth, remove any cobwebs and bugs from the swing set. Carefully spray the swing set down using a power washer. The extra strength of the power washer will help remove any bird droppings, dirt, leaves and bugs with ease. Next, fill a bucket with a mix of 2 tablespoons of environmentally preferable dish soap and warm water. Wearing rubber gloves use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the surface. Scrub the surface in a circular motion to remove handprints, mould, mildew and any other dirt and grime that was not removed by the power washer. Always clean the swing set from top to bottom to avoid cross contamination. Make sure to rinse the scrub brush thoroughly and change the water when necessary throughout the cleaning process. When you are finished, rinse the play set with the garden hose then let it air dry.

Sandbox: If you have a sandbox, it’s a good idea to clean it regularly, especially if it’s used often. Inspect the sandbox frequently, removing any debris, sticks, leaves and broken toys from the sand. For a deeper clean, empty the sand from the box and clean the basin with a power washer. Using a soft-bristled brush, scrub the inside of the basin with a mix of dish soap and water. Rinse the basin thoroughly and let air-dry. Once the basin is dry, fill the sandbox with fresh playing sand. To keep the sandbox clean longer, make sure to cover it after each use, with a cloth cover or wooden lid.

Plastic kiddie pool: Start by emptying the swimming pool. Bring your plastic pool to a clean area in your yard, away from the garden. Using your garden hose, rinse out the pool, making sure to pay special attention to the bends and joints of the pool. To remove any bacteria or slime from the interior, mix 10 parts warm water and 1 part white vinegar into a bucket. Using a microfibre cloth, scrub the interior. Rinse thoroughly thereafter. To neutralize the smell of the vinegar, mix a solution of warm water with biodegradable dish soap and scrub the interior a second time using a clean microfibre cloth. Rinse the pool thoroughly and let it air dry.