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If you have trouble waking up in the morning, consider your breakfast choices. Certain foods have been shown to help your mind and body wake up and feel more energetic. What foods are helpful? Sit down to a hardboiled egg, oatmeal with blueberries, and a cup of coffee. Here’s why:

  • Eggs contain vitamin B, which contributes to memory enhancement. Eggs also provide protein, which helps to keep energy levels up over a long period of time.
  • Whole grain oats help keep your arteries clear by soaking up cholesterol, and this enhances blood flow to your heart and brain. Oatmeal also promotes the release of serotonin, which promotes greater concentration.
  • Blueberries contain a powerful antioxidant, and they can help improve memory. Studies have shown blueberries can also reduce symptoms of depression in older adults.
  • Coffee can provide the jump-start you need by increasing energy, alertness and concentration. However, experts recommend that you limit caffeine intake to about two cups per day.

After a good breakfast, you should be ready to face the world with vim and vigour whether you’re off to school or starting your spring cleaning!

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