Brilliant Gadgets to Update Your Cleaning Routine – Part 1's featured image

Some cleaning tasks are more challenging than others, and they require a very specific cleaning tool to get the job done. Over the years we’ve been faced with all manner of near-impossible cleaning challenges, and we’ve managed to get by with DIY solutions. But sometimes nothing has been able to beat a brilliant gadget. Here are two cleaning gadgets that have recently caught our interest: Vase cleaning beads and a stainless steel chain mail scrubber, both available at Lee Valley Tools.


Bottle/Vase Cleaning Beads 

Below the neck of certain bottles, and the bowl of narrow vases can be next to impossible to scrub clean with just a brush. Never fear, vase cleaning beads may be the answer! These smooth stainless-steel ball bearings won’t scratch containers, and when you’re done cleaning, the cap for the plastic storage case doubles as a strainer to separate the beads from the dirty water. 

To use, simply pour the 250 small beads into the dirty container, add a few drops of liquid soap and water. Gently, swirl the beads around to scour away dirt and grime. 


Stainless Steel Chain Mail Scrubber

A chain-mail cleaning pad is the very best tool for keeping your cast-iron pans in great shape. Durable like the pans it’s designed to scour, this scrubber needs only a little elbow grease to remove caked-on debris from uncoated cast-iron cookware without stripping the pan’s seasoning. The chain mail easily conforms to the contours of pans and is fine enough to reach into the grooves of cast-iron grills to easily remove baked on food remnants. The scrubber can be cleaned by  hand or in the dishwasher, it measures about 7” by 6” and can be hung easily underneath the sink for easy storage. 

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