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Bring Old Boots Back to Life in 4 Easy Steps


Boot season is here! Tall or short, black or brown, flat or high heeled, leather boots are a must-have fashion staple once the weather cools. In fact, once the snow begins to fall, they soon become less a fashion accessory, than a much-needed piece of armour against the elements. We all have a favourite pair that we lovingly broke in and now can’t live without. So, if you haven’t already, pull them out of storage and try them on. If they’re looking somewhat lackluster, a little TLC is all it takes to give them new life. The restoration process is pretty straightforward and takes just 4 steps.



Clean the boot well with a horsehair brush, and if necessary, a wet rag. If you do get it wet, wait until the boot dries completely before moving on to Step Two.



Use a boot conditioner to restore and soften the leather. This will protect and repair your boots, which if not cared for can crack.



Buff out the leather slowly with your horsehair brush.



Add boot cream to scratched and rough areas, working it into the leather in small circles with a dry rag. Let the cream absorb into the leather, then buff with your horsehair brush.


Horsehair brushes are great for gentle cleaning and buffing. They are sturdy but soft enough to not scratch the leather and help raise the fibres of the leather to create a great surface for shining.


Clean, condition and polish your boots regularly. It takes less than 10 minutes and will extend the life of your boots!

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