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Of the gazillion cleaning hacks out there, the best, by far, is to “clean as you go”. Tried, tested, and true, this method is effective because it eliminates the need for a full cleaning blitz! This no-stress approach to cleaning up messes builds good habits. So, hop to it.


Clear Clutter Daily

Each time you walk through a room, slow down and look for items that don’t belong. It could be a pair of socks on the floor, a newspaper to recycle, or some dirty dishes. Putting even one item back where it belongs will make a difference.


Be Vigilant in the Bathroom

Half the cleaning battles are won when you have the tools you need to clean as you go. Always have a microfiber cloth and your favourite bathroom cleaner easily accessible, and a dish wand in the shower. Use them daily and your bathroom will always be clean.


Wipe Up Spills on the Spot

Everyone knows that ignoring spills makes it much harder to clean later on. The stain hardens or soaks in and takes root. So, clean spills when they happen. It only takes a minute or so to wipe up, but if ignored becomes time-consuming and an eyesore.

Sweep Regularly

Sneaking a chore into your daily routine is a great way to check things off your list. While the coffee is brewing or you’re waiting for your toast to pop, grab a broom and sweep the kitchen. The next day, sweep the entryway, and vacuum rugs once a week.


Clean as you Cook

In the kitchen is where the “clean as you go” mantra really starts to shine. Fill up the sink with warm, soapy water and wash cooking utensils, pots and bowls as you use them. Wipe counters after you put the cookies into the oven. Peel vegetables over the compost container. The joy of having a clean counter is unbeatable!


Protect your Floors

Use doormats inside and out, front and back for all seasons. Put felt pads on the bottom of all furniture that sits on the hardwood. Warning: felt pads love dust bunnies! Make sure to clean off those hair and fibre mounds once a week.


Kick cleaning up a notch by integrating a MOLLY MAID visit bi-monthly. Our professional cleaning staff will be sure to pick up where you left off leaving your home smelling fresh and sparkling clean.


Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash