Cleaning Day: 10 Steps to Make It Green's featured image

Here are 10 easy ways to make your next clean eco-friendly.

  1. Use energy efficient cleaning equipment.
  2. Buy products from environmentally responsible suppliers, manufacturers and retailers.
  3. Get rid of toxic cleaning products (anything labeled with words such as 'poison', 'danger', 'warning', 'caution'). Take those products to a Household Hazardous Waste Disposal.
  4. Use 'green' cleaning products. These are labeled 'non-toxic', 'biodegradable'.
  5. Make some of your own green cleaning products using kitchen cupboard ingredients such as white vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda.
  6. Avoid using non-renewable resources such as paper towels when possible. Use microfibre cloths, as they last much longer than traditional cloths.  As an alternative, use old towels and clothing strips to give them a second life.  HEPA vacuums are also better for the environment as well.
  7. Don't waste water. Use a bucket or sink of water rather than leaving the tap running.
  8. Clean indoor air quality with plants such as aloe, spider plant and the Gerber daisy.
  9. Conserve energy when possible. Unplug cleaning tools and do the wash at off-peak times.
  10. When you need help, hire MOLLY MAID, which use an environmentally preferable Green Housekeeping Program.