Declare War on Dirty Floors This Summer!'s featured image

Dirt, sand and popsicle goo are a few of the enemies that attack your floors each summer. Whether you’ve got wall-to-wall carpet or hardwood floors, kids or no kids, keeping floors clean can be a challenge. Preparation is the key. As with any battle, planning strategies to face whatever is thrown your way will result in steadfast victory. And, with summer cleaning, count every little housekeeping win is worth celebrating!

Reinforce the Front Lines

Having a mat at every entrance will help stop some of the summer debris from crossing the threshold. If possible, a mat on both sides of the door is even better; trapping dirt before it’s tracked inside. A good choice for outdoors is a heavy-duty rubber mat. Inside, opt for a natural-fibre floor mat that will add to your decor or something like a rag rug that’s easy to shake out and toss in the washing machine. Get in the habit of wiping shoes on the outside mat and making sure to remove them while standing on the inside mat!

Set up a Blockade

Enforce a strict “no-shoes inside the house” policy to keep floors clean. This will considerably reduce the accumulation of dirt and grime. Make it easy for people to take off their shoes with a small bench by the door. Shoe racks are a nice addition and will keep shoes tidy and neat, eliminating any chance of a messy shoe minefield just inside the door. If you find your floors are too cold in the summer due to air conditioning, keep sandals or house slippers stocked nearby for when guests drop by!

Send in the Big Guns

Whether you prefer to sweep or vacuum, keep these tools handy in the summer. Most days you will need to pull them out for use, sometimes more than once. A quick sweep in the morning, followed by a good vacuum later in the day will keep dirt and grime at bay. For wet sticky spills, ensure a mop is readily available in your arsenal.

Call In Some Reinforcements

We don’t expect you to win every battle by yourself. When it comes to summer, schedules fill up fast with BBQs, trips to the beach and visiting family! We offer summer housekeeping services to make sure you are prepared to host guests or even just pick up some of the slack while you’re busy planning activities with the kids. Contact us today to find a MOLLY MAID near you!



Photo by KoalaParkLaundromat