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Escape our society’s obsession with constant consumerism by decluttering all your spaces. It can have a profound impact on your well-being and overall happiness. Remember: the goal isn’t perfection, it’s progress—toward a simpler, more meaningful life. To help you embark on this transformative journey, we’ve compiled a list of 100 things you can get rid of right now. Start small, tackle one category at a time, and let go of the items on this list that resonate with you.


  1. Clothes that no longer fit or that you haven’t worn in over a year.
  2. Shoes that are uncomfortable or worn out.
  3. Excessive kitchen utensils and gadgets.
  4. Expired pantry items and spices.
  5. Old and mismatched Tupperware containers.
  6. Outdated electronics and chargers.
  7. Books you’ve already read or won’t read again.
  8. DVDs and CDs that can be digitized or donated.
  9. Excess coffee mugs and glassware.
  10. Unused or broken sports equipment.
  11. Duplicates of household tools.
  12. Old receipts and unnecessary paperwork.
  13. Excess hangers in your closet.
  14. Unused or expired medications.
  15. Beauty products you no longer use.
  16. Outdated or unused phone cases.
  17. Jewelry that you no longer wear.
  18. Old magazines and newspapers.
  19. Scraps of wrapping paper and gift bags.
  20. Excess blankets and pillows.
  21. Broken or incomplete board games.
  22. Unused hobby or craft supplies.
  23. Broken or unused Christmas ornaments.
  24. Empty or dried-up pens and markers.
  25. Old and tattered towels.
  26. Expired coupons and vouchers.
  27. Outdated technology manuals.
  28. Extra buttons and sewing supplies.
  29. Old and worn-out luggage.
  30. Broken or ineffective cleaning supplies.
  31. Excess coffee or tea mugs.
  32. Old and worn-out bathmats.
  33. Unnecessary or duplicate kitchen appliances.
  34. Unused stationery and greeting cards.
  35. Outdated or irrelevant reference books.
  36. Old and unflattering makeup.
  37. Excess office supplies.
  38. Unused and outdated smartphone apps.
  39. Broken or unused gardening tools.
  40. Stained or mismatched bed sheets.
  41. Unused specialty kitchen gadgets.
  42. Outdated travel brochures and maps.
  43. Broken or unused picture frames.
  44. Unused or expired toiletries.
  45. Orphaned socks or worn-out underwear.
  46. Outgrown children’s toys and clothes.
  47. Outdated computer software.
  48. Excess vases and flower pots.
  49. Old and worn-out wallets or purses.
  50. Outdated fashion accessories.
  51. Empty and unused storage containers.
  52. Broken or worn-out sunglasses.
  53. Unused and expired sunscreen.
  54. Plastic cutlery and take-out containers.
  55. Extra cables and cords.
  56. Unnecessary kitchen linens.
  57. Outdated event tickets and stubs.
  58. Broken or unused musical instruments.
  59. Empty or near-empty toiletry bottles.
  60. Outdated and unused mobile devices.
  61. Excess plastic containers and bags.
  62. Old and expired food in the fridge.
  63. Excess reusable shopping bags.
  64. Unused and broken exercise equipment.
  65. Empty or almost-empty cleaning products.
  66. Broken or incomplete arts and crafts projects.
  67. Outdated fashion magazines.
  68. Unused and forgotten subscription boxes.
  69. Worn-out or uncomfortable bras.
  70. Excess travel-sized toiletries.
  71. Broken souvenirs.
  72. Unused and unloved home decor items.
  73. Broken or outdated remote controls.
  74. Old scratched-up sunglasses.
  75. Unused and expired vitamins or supplements.
  76. Outdated and unused smartphone accessories.
  77. Broken or incomplete tool sets.
  78. Excess keychains and keyrings.
  79. Old and unflattering clothing.
  80. Outdated or unused recipe books.
  81. Empty or expired household cleaners.
  82. Unused and unloved children’s artwork.
  83. Outdated and unused software manuals.
  84. Broken or unused audio cables.
  85. Unused and outdated board games.
  86. Excess and unused pet supplies.
  87. Outdated and worn-out luggage tags.
  88. Unused and forgotten subscriptions.
  89. Broken or worn-out umbrellas.
  90. Outdated and unused apps on your devices.
  91. Excess and unused party supplies.
  92. Old and worn-out kitchen towels.
  93. Unnecessary and outdated kitchen decorations.
  94. Broken or unused bicycle accessories.
  95. Outdated and unused computer accessories.
  96. Extra and unloved throw pillows.
  97. Unused and unloved sports memorabilia.
  98. Broken or outdated kitchen appliances.
  99. Outdated and unused electronic cables.
  100. Books your children have outgrown.
Photo by Beng Ragon on Unsplash