Eco-Friendly Ways to Deck the Halls's featured image

If you’re the Martha Stewart type, decorating for the holidays can be as exciting as the actual holiday itself. Plans are made, a colour palette chosen and perhaps a theme is decided. This year, include an additional step in your preparations. Take a moment to consider the environmental impact of your decorating and whether you’re able to make it a little greener.


Avoid Plastic Where Possible

We’ve all heard it time and time again, but it never hurts to repeat the ugly truth that the world is drowning in plastic. Make your own wreath, centrepiece and ornaments using natural elements picked up on fall walks. Pine cones, gourds and birch bark branches combined with scrap fabrics and beeswax candles are stunning. Paper chains and popcorn garland hint of days long past. A child’s art project, snowflakes cut from scrap paper and toilet paper roll wise men add to the ambiance and can often be a conversation piece.


Borrow, Trade, or Buy Second Hand

Why buy new when you can borrow! Need a cake plate for an afternoon, ask a neighbour to borrow theirs. How about hosting a holiday swap, where someone’s old Santa platter can be loved once more by another. Feeling adventurous? Pop into your local thrift shop for second-hand treasures. You’ll be amazed at what you can find. It’s possible to pick up a trio of brass candlesticks, a set of crystal glassware or a silver-plated tray for a fraction of their original cost.


Choose Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap

Did you know that most store-bought wrapping is not recyclable? So this year consider alternative wrapping options. There’s plenty to choose from reusable boxes, wrapping paper made out of recycled materials, cloth bags, newspaper, and textiles from second-hand shops. All will do the trick and look great. Scraps make great bows or pick up some paper raffia ribbon. It’s perfect for that little added touch and is made from 100% natural fibres.


Freshen Your Home with Natural Ingredients

Avoid store-bought fresheners, no matter how delicious they may smell. A stovetop potpourri trumps any man-made scent and is a holiday favourite. Not only warm and welcoming, guests will think you’ve been baking all day! Simply simmer water, cinnamon sticks, cloves and vanilla in a pot on the back burner of your stovetop and breathe deeply!


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