Feeling Stressed? Wash the Dishes's featured image

Not keen on washing the dishes? You may want to reconsider handing this chore over, as research shows that washing the dishes, can actually reduce stress.

According to a recent study conducted by Florida State University, washing the dishes can be a great form of meditation and reflection. Researchers from the University, split fifty-five college students into two study groups. The first group was taught to focus on the ‘mindful experience’ of washing the dishes, such as the scent of the soap, the feeling of the bubbles, the water temperature and the shape and design of the dishes. The second group was instructed to simply complete the task.

The results of the study were quite remarkable. The students from the first group, who used the ‘mindful approach’, reported a 27% decrease in their overall nervousness and a 25% increase in mental stimulation after washing the dishes. The second group unfortunately, did not reap the same benefits as the first group.

The next time you wash your dishes, try taking a ‘mindful approach’ to the task to see if you too, can decrease your stress levels and increase your overall sense of happiness.