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Every two years Statistics Canada releases national and provincial waste statistics. In 2018, it was reported that approximately 25 million tonnes of non-hazardous waste was sent to disposal across the country in 2016. Similar to the amount generated in 2014, but 11% more than the amount collected in 2002. It has become a worldwide priority to reduce the waste we create and get our garbage practices under control.

On the home front, we’re also taking the necessary actions to reduce, reuse and recycle. For many, it has become a source of pride. And, really, it’s such an easy task. With just a little organization and the right tools, garbage day can be much less of a burden and a whole lot less smelly.

Store it

The city provides garbage bins in 4 sizes (small, medium, large and extra large). Be sure to have the right size container to store all the garbage generated by your family between collection days. Overflows are messy, smelly and attract unwanted critters.

Bag it

Make sure to bag garbage before placing it in the bin to keep your bin clean, lessen odours and reduce litter problems. Always buy biodegradable bags where possible, especially for compostable organic waste.

Tag it

Purchase garbage tags for the occasional week that you do have more garbage than can fit in the bin. It happens. Guests will increase the load, as will parties and home renovation. Garbage tags are available for purchase online and select retail outlets.

Text it

Instead of looking to your neighbour to find out what garbage pick up week it is, sign up for alerts on your phone. There are a few apps out there that will let you know a day or two in advance whether it’s recycling or garbage. Sign up and stop hauling out the wrong bin.

Clean it

Wash out your bin every week to reduce the accumulation of dirt, grime and stench. Garbage doesn’t have to be a dirty job if you keep the bins clean. A pressure washer is a garbage bin’s best friend, and a sprinkle of baking soda will keep smells at bay.

Community Environment Days

These special days are held every year from April to September to help reduce the amount of reusable, recyclable or household hazardous waste going into landfill. Drop off reusable and recyclable items such as clothing, small appliances, non-perishable food items and electronics. You can also drop off household hazardous waste for safe disposal and pick up free compost for your garden. Go online in your city to find out all the details.


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Photo by Markus Spiske