Get Fit as a Fiddle by Cleaning House!'s featured image

Cleaning your home is a great way to exercise. Just like any gym workout, it’s important to practice good form while cleaning, to avoid any injury or muscle strain. Here’s an ergonomically effective way to help you get fit while spring cleaning!

Wear the appropriate attire

  • Prepare for the cleaning tasks at hand by dressing in the appropriate attire.  Loose fitted-clothing and a sturdy pair of indoor running shoes are all you need!

Increase your heart rate

  • You’re constantly on the move while doing housework, which makes it a great cardiovascular activity. The number of calories you burn while cleaning will depend on your fitness level, weight, and length of time spent on each cleaning activity. Here are some tasks that will help burn those dreaded calories:
    • 30 minutes scrubbing the bathtub – approx. 200 calories
    • Making the bed / cleaning the windows – approx. 130 calories
    • Dusting – approx. 50 calories
    • Vacuuming your home – approx. 90 calories.

Burn the biceps

  • You use your arms for many cleaning activities around your home. Make sure to give your arm muscles equal attention, by switching arms while cleaning. This is especially important when washing your windows, mopping or sweeping. Favouring one side over the other can create muscle imbalance and eventually muscle strain.
  • Want a more intense arm workout? You can always get on your hands and knees and scrub as long as you’re capable of doing so!

Work the abdominals

  • Focus on your abdominal muscles as you clean. Flex your stomach by pressing your belly button toward your spine. Remember to breathe naturally and hold this position while doing your chores for an extra added abdominal work out. In addition, this will also prevent slouching.
  • The forward and back motion of vacuuming is also a great activity to work your core area. Focus on squeezing your stomach muscles while you push the vacuum forward and back. Strong core muscles reduce back pain and prolonged injury.

Sculpt the legs

  • Squats are fabulous for building and shaping your quadriceps, hamstrings and abdominal muscles. Do them whenever you have to pick up any cleaning supplies from the floor. It is very important to practice proper form when doing squats to ensure you do not injure yourself.  Make sure your legs are shoulder width apart; keep your chest and shoulders back and bend your knees. This should look like a downward movement versus a forward movement of your upper body.