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Spring seems to have finally wrestled the thermometer from winter’s cold hands! It’s time to shed some layers, breathe deeply and get outdoors. Many are already enthusiastically drafting plans for raised flowerbeds, regular flowerbeds, container gardens and hanging pots. But, don’t forget the living greenery inside your home. These little gems have kept you going all winter long with the promise of lush green grass and shady trees. Before you head permanently outside, treat your indoor-only houseplants to a little R&R.

Give Them Room to Grow

It’s easy to see when a plant needs to be repotted, just look for these three clues:

  • You see lots of roots coming through the drain hole.
  • You find matted roots near the soil surface.
  • You slip the plant from its container and you see more roots than soil.

Give Them a Fresh Face

We’re hyper-vigilant to dust our household items, but how often do we dust the leaves of our succulents?  Even a small layer of dust will block sunlight and reduce a plant’s ability to photosynthesize. A clean plant will be a healthier plant less prone to disease and pest infestations. Remove dust in three easy steps:

  • Larger plants can tolerate a quick-soft shower to rid them of debris.
  • Smaller more fragile plants prefer the personal touch, use a clean damp microfibre cloth to wipe individual leaves clean.
  • For plants with sticky or fuzzy leaves, dusting may be a better choice. Plants, such as African Violets, that don’t like getting their leaves wet, so use a soft brush, like a mushroom brush, to gently remove dust and debris.

Give Them a Spa Treatment

Dusty leaves can leave your plant with a dull patina. Give them the spa treatment they deserve with a little bit of mayonnaise. The oil in the mayo will give your plant super-shiny leaves like those you see on the plants at the local florist.

  • Put a small amount of mayo in a dish and wait a few minutes for it to come to room temperature.
  • Dab a small amount of mayo onto a clean, damp, microfibre cloth, then wipe the top of each leaf clean.


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Photo by Jiri Kourilek