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Green Reminders for Waste Removal in 2021


It’s a new year! A time for new habits, big and small. Although it may seem small and insignificant, being aware of how we dispose of household waste is a big deal. Here are a few easy green tweaks: 


No Black Bags

Most people know this but it’s worth repeating: black garbage bags do not belong in the recycling bin. Recycling items should be put in the blue bin, loose. If you must bag things, only use clear plastic bags.


Rinse Well

Always empty and rinse containers before putting them in your blue bin. Unwashed containers can ruin entire loads of recycling, resulting in the whole lot being redirected to the landfill!


Snow, Sleet and Ice

During heavy snowfall days, pick up delays happen. If your bins have not been picked up at the end of the day, leave them out until collected. To ensure accessibility, clear snow and ice from around your bins. 


Poop, Scoop and Toss

Surprising to some, dog poop should always be tossed in the green bin. It doesn’t belong in the blue bin or the garbage bin, and it doesn’t belong in leaf bags either. 


Just Because It Says So, Doesn’t Mean It Is

Often marked as compostable or biodegradable coffee pods, coffee cups, cutlery and non-fibre containers/packaging should go in your garbage bin. 


Donate Where Possible

Unfortunately, kitchen appliances, pots, pans, muffin tins and cutlery are not recyclable. Although it takes an extra step, donating these items to a thrift shop helps others. 


Renovation or Repair?

If you’re one of the many tackling home improvement projects during the lockdown, keep in mind that renovation waste is not collected at the curb. Take drywall and building materials to a transfer station. 


Pro Tip

Not sure which bin an item goes into? Check the Waste Wizard website in your city. 


Curious about other ways to lessen your footprints in 2021? Check out Five Minutes for the Planet <link to: >

Image by planet_fox from Pixabay