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New Year’s Day is a day of good cheer!

Why not toast to the first day of 2016 by cleaning up your Christmas tree? Here’s a guide to get you started:


Start by removing your ornaments from the tree. Wrap each fragile ornament individually with tissue paper or newspaper. If you don’t have any handy, place your ornaments in an empty egg carton. Once secured, place your ornaments into a box or sturdy container.


Remove the tinsel from your tree next. If your tinsel is still in good condition, wrap it around a paper towel roll to prevent it from getting tangled. Wrap the paper towel roll in aluminum foil and place it inside your ornament box or container.


Remove your Christmas lights from the tree after you remove the tinsel. Start from the power cord and work your way backwards. If you have multiple strands, wrap each set individually. There are many ways you can store your Christmas lights. For example, you can wrap each strand and secure then with a twist tie to prevent them from tangling. You can also wrap your lights around a paper towel roll or flat piece of cardboard. Make a small slit at the top of the paper towel roll or cardboard piece for the end of the cord. This will prevent the strand from unravelling. Place your Christmas lights inside the appropriate box or container.

Christmas tree

Lay a bed sheet out on the floor in front of your tree. Lift the tree out of the stand and gently lie it down on the sheet. If you have a fake tree, disassemble it on the sheet, to keep the mess contained. Press the branches down to flatten the tree and place the pieces back into the box. Shake the tree skirt out on the sheet as well. Bring the sheet outside and shake out the pine needles. Sweep up any remaining pine needles first, and then vacuum the area. Repeat the same process for a real tree, however, instead of placing it back into a box, use the bed sheet to bring it out to the curb.