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At some point, every parent wonders how old kids should be in order to start assigning weekly chores. Truth is, there is no magic number because kids mature at different rates. What might be appropriate for one child may be too much for another. What we know for sure is that helping out around the house is an important step to maturity. Here are ways that chores around the house can help your child grow and thrive:

Be more responsible.

Children will feel more capable once they’ve met a few obligations. It’s the snowball effect. Start small. Ask your child to make their bed every day. At first, they may feel overwhelmed, but in no time, it will become a habit and they’ll mature because they are being responsible. This feeling will allow them to take on more responsibility whether at home, at school or within the community.

Be more confident.

It’s amazing how a few chores can build self-esteem. By completing basic household tasks, a child will learn that they can contribute to the family, begin to take care of themselves and start to compile skills they will need as an adult. These simple accomplishments make a child feel capable of tackling much more.

Be part of a team.

Being a team player is not only an important trait in sports. It makes a person a valued member of the community, as well as a good employee. Cleaning up with mom and dad builds a connection to the family unit. Even a young child of 3 or 4 can help tidy a room.

Learn important life skills.

As mundane as household chores may seem, they are essential everyday living skills that are not taught at school. Studies show that making the bed and helping out around the house leads to success as an adult. But, don’t forget, most kids have really busy schedules, rushing from one activity to the next. Parents need to help them manage their time.


PRO TIP: The key is to ensure the task is possible. It’s not the size of the chore that matters, but the responsibility associated with it. If they can’t reach the cupboards, they can’t put away the dishes. Be sure to set them up for success.


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