How to Bust the Dust in Your Home's featured image

As winter slowly turns into spring, the dust in your home seems to become more obvious. The fact there is more sunlight is one reason (sun seems to make dust shine too!). The other reason may be that your home is becoming a little cluttered; with the weather lately we don’t know if we should have winter boots and coats or running shoes and sweaters, so everything is being pulled out of the closet frequently!

How can you keep things more pristine?

It’s almost time for your spring cleaning, so tackling the clutter is going to make a huge difference. Regular cleaning and light surface dusting will also help maintain a dust-free, beautiful home. You can even ask kids to help out; suggest they dust their own rooms and turn it into a game.)

Here are other tips that will help keep your home dust-free:

  • Use door mats to prevent dust and dirt from entering your home.
  • Brush your pets because they bring in a lot of dirt and debris too.  Brushing them regularly will minimise the amount of dander and pet hair in your home.
  • Use a microfibre cloth. MOLLY MAID cleaners use microfibre cloths because they work so well and capture even the tiniest dust particles.
  • Go over dusted areas with fabric softener sheets. The anti-static component in the sheets helps prevent further dust build-up and can easily take the place of more expensive electrostatic cloths. But be careful not to use these on sensitive electronic items such as televisions and computers.
  • Don’t forget windows and blinds – close all of your blinds and briskly dust them off all at once.
  • Always dust top to bottom, left to right. This ensures that you won’t go over surfaces multiple times and the dust won’t fall onto a surface you’ve already cleaned.