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Whether you’re cleaning a luxury condo, a chic bungalow, or even a dollhouse (yes, you read that right), the end goal is the same: bust the dust, tame the clutter and make the whole place feel shiny and new. But the greatest advantage of cleaning a miniature home is that you can remove everything off the ground: kitchen island, bathtub, trundle beds, and in some cases even the staircase! Despite all the wear and tear the kids’ playtime may impose on the dollhouse, adults need to take a different approach when spring cleaning their -tiny homes. Here are our top tips from our cleaning service experts at Molly Maid:

Dump It

Remove everything from the dollhouse – tiny plastic family and pets, twigs and stones, and every single remnant of leftover snacks. Depending on your schedule, you can take a zen approach and remove one item at a time, or if there’s no porcelain or delicate pieces, you can just dump the whole thing onto the ground. If you don’t have carpeting, and you’re concerned about breakage,  prepare a blanket or thick towel and dump all of the loose contents on to it.

Wipe It

Whether the dollhouse is made of wood, wear and tear resistant plastic, or it’s a DIY masterpiece the house and contents can be wiped down with a dry microfibre cloth. Unless there’s been a major spill or illness, you won’t need to give the dollhouse a power wash with sanitizing dish soaps or disinfectant sprays. If you notice that it is sticky inside, you can scrape away any residue with a slightly damp microfibre cloth or very gently carve away with a plastic razor blade.

Refresh It

Whether it’s a smoothie that spilled into every nook and cranny, a window that got damaged, or missing decor stickers, the overall look of a dollhouse can suffer. The same philosophy should apply to repairing broken and damaged parts. Toy companies often replace broken or missing pieces free of charge or consider a small DIY project for the weekend to make miniature furniture If you can’t refresh the wallpaper, consider giving the room a makeover with real wallpaper!

PRO TIP: Obviously, you don’t need to clean a dollhouse as often as you clean your own home. But, you should do a weekly inspection to ensure there is nothing that can endanger your child, or anything they shouldn’t be playing with. Another great fun tip is to make sure to get your child involved so she/he adopts good housekeeping habits at an early age.

Now that you`ve gotten some very helpful tips from our cleaning service experts at MOLLY MAID for cleaning your smaller dollhouse, you can count on our home cleaning services so that your home space can be just as clean. Contact us today to find a MOLLY MAID near you.



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