How to Clean Campfire Ash off your Favourite Pair of Pants's featured image

The joys of camping are many, spending time with family and friends, becoming one with nature and, of course, sleeping under the stars. And, let’s not forget, singing songs or perhaps a scary ghost story, while roasting marshmallows by the campfire (definitely a bedtime ritual loved by all). But what do you do when your favourite pair of pants are stained with wood ash from the fire? Don’t let it take away from the happy memories—tackle it head on!

A few simple steps will have them looking like new!

Step 1: Shake out the ash as much as possible. Don’t wipe it with your hand or a rag. Wiping the ash will only spread it further or push it deeper into your clothing.

Step 2: Turn your garment inside out and flush the ash with cold water. This is the most important step. Letting the cold water run through the stain should clear most of it away.

Step 3: If you have a laundry pre-treatment spray at the campsite, use it before washing. Otherwise, take your pants home for the final step. Once pre-treated with stain remover, putting them through a regular laundry cycle should leave them ash-free. If any traces of the ash remain, don’t put them in the dryer or it will set the stain.

Step 4: If the stain remains after steps 1-3, moisten a rag with rubbing alcohol, and blot it onto the clothing. Switch to clean areas of the rag as you continue to blot out the stain until it’s gone. Launder again in your regular laundry cycle to remove the rubbing alcohol from your clothing.

PRO TIP: No pre-treatment stain remover on vacay? Just squirt a little dish soap on the stain and a sprinkle of baking soda, then toss those pants in a bag to deal with them at home and get back to nature!


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Photo by Jenelle Hayes