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If you trim the tree each holiday season, you know how priceless each and every ornament can be. Some of the most cherished decorations are those made when we’re young—out of macaroni, pipe cleaners and clay. Others are handed down from generation to generation, while some may have just caught your eye as they sparkled in a shop window. Each single Christmas tree ornament has a story, so you want to treat it with care. This holiday season, dust off, clean up and buff your ornaments to ensure each one shines bright – it’s what they were made to do!

First things first: Separate them into categories. Keep the glittery with glittery, glass with glass, wood with wood etc. Then you can easily pick them up one at a time by its hanger and clean as required. Our guide below will help you give them just the right amount of TLC they need.

Glittery Ornaments

These ornaments need the most TLC. Due to their fragile nature, a gentle dust with a small, dry makeup brush or paintbrush is all that’s required. And, if you find too much glitter is falling off as you dust, STOP! Some ornaments are better off left alone.

Glass Ornaments

For ordinary glass ornaments, just wipe very gently with regular glass cleaner and a soft microfibre cloth. But, a polishing jewellery cloth is best for use on crystal. Again, simply wipe over the surface carefully with the jewellery cloth.

Wood & Painted Ornaments

A quick dust is all you really need with wood and painted ornaments. Just wipe a soft cotton cloth across the surface. It’s best to handle painted ornaments as little as possible since the oils in your hands can damage the paint.

Precious Metals

Sterling silver and gold-plated ornaments come clean when wiped with a polishing jewellery cloth, just like crystal. Use circular motion to remove dust and fingerprints and really make them shine.

PRO TIP: Housekeeping Expert, Martha Stewart, says that the secret to keeping valued ornaments in tip-top shape is cleaning and repairing them properly. For minor repairs, use Elmer’s Glue as it can be quickly wiped away if you make a mistake. Severe repairs may require stronger adhesives.

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