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You may have noticed, that jute bags and everything jute are all the rage right now. It’s thanks to eco fashionistas who are looking for ways to rid the planet of plastic bags and accessories once and for all.

Did you know that jute is known as the “golden fibre” because of its market value and its colour? Most often referred to as burlap, jute is an extremely durable all-natural fibre. Environmentalists love it because it grows without needing much water or fertilizers. Although it looks like it’s an all-natural fibre, most manufacturers make jute bags using a combination of natural fibres and synthetic fibres. So, make sure you never throw your jute stuff into the washing machine! Here’s what to do instead:


After a long day at the beach, your jute bag is probably worse for wear. Having hauled lunch, snacks, drinks, a towel, and other must-haves, it’s probably sandy, sticky and sort of in need of a bath. But don’t even think about running your jute bag through the wash, even on gentle. The best case scenario is that it will shrink. The worst case scenario is it will fall apart. Instead, take your bag into the shower or out on your back deck and shake off the sand and the snack crumbs.


We seem to repeat ourselves when it comes to microfibre cloths, but they really, truly are cleaning superheroes. If the outside of your jute bag is covered in fruit juice, don’t use strong chemicals or cleaners, just use extra patience. Wet your microfibre cloth until it’s soaking wet, then wring it out until you can barely squeeze out any more moisture. Gently dab the problem area. Rinse out the microfibre cloth and repeat until area doesn’t feel sticky anymore. Rinse the microfibre cloth and wring it out again, and give the inside of the bag a wipe too.

PRO TIP: If your jute bag gets soaked and covered in sand. Hang it to dry in the shower or outdoors. In the morning, vacuum away the sand. It’s way easier to vacuum dry sand than wet sand. And as we said earlier, jute bags should avoid getting soaking wet. The best cure is to hang them up or leave them in the sun to dry, and then deal with clean up.


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Photo by shawnee wilborn