How to Make 2019 a Green Halloween's featured image

The scariest thing about Halloween isn’t the walkthrough haunted house at the end of your street, or the terrifying SFX make up on the witch next door, it’s the amount of garbage we produce for this annual one-day event. Ready to make 2019 your greenest Halloween ever? We’ve got three easy tips below.


Refuse to Buy Single-Use Costumes

According to the National Retail Federation, Halloween is a 9 billion dollar industry! The bulk of that money is spent on Halloween costumes. As fun as it is to find just the right character or motif, the average Halloween costume doesn’t get worn more than once. This year, consider borrowing, buying second hand, or reusing last year’s Halloween costume. This will cut down on packaging like price tags, plastic fasteners, plastic hangers and all the other unnecessary garbage that comes with store-bought costumes. Why not head down to your local thrift store? Not only can you donate costumes of Halloween’ past, but you might get inspired by the perfect vintage pieces!


Reuse Last Year’s Decorations

The second thing that people buy year after year are Halloween decorations. Studies show that people don’t actually need new Halloween decorations, they just don’t remember where they stashed last year’s things, or the stuff from the year before that and so on. This year, start early and go room by room to gather all your Halloween knick-knacks. After Halloween, put them all in one large clear container, label it clearly, and store away for easy access next year.


Reduce the Sugar

We’re not trying to take all the fun out of Halloween, we’re simply trying to help you cut down or altogether eliminate the messes that you’re left with come November 1st. Pre-packaged candy is hygienic, easy, and cheap, but again, it creates garbage that goes straight to the landfill. This year consider giving out candy alternatives. Kids also like the wow factor of unique and useful things like erasers, pencils, boxes of crayons, stickers and small denomination gift certificates to the toy store.


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