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Marshmallows roasting over an open fire. Endless days and weeks lounging lakeside in a hammock. Sleeping under the stars. Ah, the joys of camping are endless! But what can make or break a camping experience is how well you prepare. The secret to making the most of your time in the great outdoors is doing the hard work upfront. And there’s a bonus: post-trip clean up will be a breeze!

Here are three must-packs for the cleanest camping trip ever! 


Camping lists are a must in order to guarantee a great camping trip. You don’t want to forget the basics like: extra bandaids, mosquito repellent, bacon and eggs, coffee, nylon rope and clothes pins for a DIY clothesline, candles, towels and cleaning supplies. If you’re a seasoned car camper, you probably already pack a broom and dust pan, but for the newbies, these two items are golden! Sand, dirt, leaves and muck make their way into the tent, no matter how hard you work to keep them on the outside. So, make sure to add a broom and dustpan to your camping list this year!


In the camping, RVing and sailing world, efficiency, organization and upgrading to the “perfect” equipment are always on the brain. At campgrounds, walking around and observing the campsites of tidy seasoned campers is a thing of beauty. Wet towels aren’t slumped on a picnic bench, they’re hanging to dry. Glasses and bowls are drying on a mini dish rack. And loveliest of all, sleeping tents, mesh gazebos and dining tents have welcome mats to keep sand and dirt away.


The beauty of good old-fashioned buckets is that they’re stackable and good for so many things. Fill one with hot water and soap to wash dishes, fill another with cold water to rinse dishes, save one for the kids to use as a water station, and set one up near the welcome mat so people can rinse off their feet before zipping into the tent.


If you’re as dedicated to keeping your home as clean as your campsite, then why not give your local MOLLY MAID a call! With professionals all across Canada, a sparkling home is just a phone call away!



Photo by Patrick Hendry