How to Properly Care for your Wools & Tweeds's featured image

It’s finally here! Sweater weather is here to stay, and we can finally bring out the wools and tweeds. But what happens when there’s an unexpected spill, your cats spend the night sleeping on you favourite wool jacket, or you’re tempted to do an express machine wash?

Keep Away from the Washing Machine!

NEVER. Never, ever throw your wools and tweeds into the washing machine. Wool should never be washed in the washing machine because the agitation will break the knit apart. And, there’s also the chance that the item will shrink. Yes, you can hand wash wool and tweed in a bucket of cool water, but only soak for 10 minutes max!

Keep Away from Pets!

Many of us treat our pets like our children, which means they get away with all kinds of unruly behaviour – including sleeping on our favourite items of clothing. But, if our beloved pets make our wools and tweeds into a temporary bed, cleaning the hairs out of the wool or tweed clothing is nothing but excruciating! A wool brush and a lint roller will come to your rescue, but in the future, hang up your items to save yourself the frustrating chore of removing each and every pet hair.

Keep Away from Dry Cleaners!

For hundreds of years, the one and only way to keep wool and tweed items looking their best was by simply brushing them. A wool brush will last a lifetime, and will brush away dirt, dust and freshen the items as well. By learning how to brush your wool and tweed, you will extend the life of your garments and save tons of money over a lifetime. To freshen up your clothes, use a damp brush. Dip the bristles of your brush in a bowl of water, and flick off the excess water from the bristles, then use the brush as directed according to each garment.