How to Properly Clean the a Beverage Dispenser's featured image

Beverage dispensers are one of the most charming entertainment decor items currently on the market. What was once mostly used to quench the thirst of professional athletes has now become a focal piece at beverage stations in cafes and homes. To extend the life of your beverage dispenser, make sure to clean it after each and every use. Here’s how:

Have a Shower!

If you live in a condo, it’s likely you don’t have a deep kitchen sink, or a bathtub for that matter, so you’ll have to rinse, wash and sanitize your beverage dispenser in the shower. Dump out any leftover beverage into the shower. Rinse the beverage dispenser with warm water, make sure to rinse both its inside and outside. Add a drop or two of mild dish detergent to a wet microfibre cloth. Soap it up on the inside and outside. Rinse thoroughly until there’s no more sudsy residue left.

Spotlight on the Spigot: A Bacterial Battleground

The spigot is the tricky part, because that’s where the bacteria will grow if it’s not washed thoroughly. Even if you only use your beverage dispenser to serve lemon water or cucumber water, you need to hone in on the part of the beverage dispenser where the drink comes out. Fill the beverage dispenser to the brim with water, and add a couple tablespoons of vinegar. Now turn the spigot so it begins to dispense the vinegar water. Repeat one more time to ensure any citrus pulp, cucumber debris, or sugars have drained safely away.

Triple Threat Drying System

Mould’s only function in this life is to grow everywhere it can. Drink dispensers are the perfect environment for mould to grow, but you can put a stop to this in three simple steps. After you’ve washed your dispenser, dry it with a cotton tea towel. Then, buff it dry with another tea towel. Next, you’ll need to let it air dry overnight—to ensure the spigot completely dries out. To do this, leave the spigot open so it drips out any remaining water. Store with lid off, and spigot open so that when not in use it’s in air-dry mode.


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Photo by debbiedeboo