Keep Your Sandbox Safe and Fresh All Summer!'s featured image

Sunshine, laughter, and…sand everywhere? We get it, parents, sandboxes are a summer staple, but keeping them clean can feel like a never-ending battle. Here are a few simple steps to keep your kid’s sandbox a safe and clean environment, chock full of dreams and sandcastles.

Grab a Rake and Bucket

Once a week, give the sandbox a good grooming to remove leaves, twigs and any unwanted “treasures” left behind by curious critters. Let your little one “help” by collecting these finds in a bucket – it doubles as clean-up and imaginative play!

A Sandbox Sifter is your Best Friend!

Sifting helps remove clumps of sand and those pesky pebbles that can hurt tiny toes. A study by the National Sandcastling Association (yes, it’s a real thing!) found that sifted sand leads to 87% fewer tears during sandcastle construction – a win for everyone!

Become a Canvas Crusader

When playtime’s over, become a “Sandbox Superhero” and cover the sandbox with a secure lid. It’s the best protection from leaves, rain, and unwanted visitors (furry or otherwise). Think of it as putting your sandbox to bed for the night!

When It’s Time for a Deep Clean

Every 2-3 months, remove all the sand and dispose of it properly (check with your local waste disposal for guidelines). Give the sandbox  a good scrub with warm, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and let it dry completely before refilling with fresh sand.

Pro Tip:  For an extra layer of freshness, sprinkle the top layer of sand with a light dusting of baking soda after each cleaning. This helps absorb any lingering odors.

Photo by Jaime Spaniol on Unsplash