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Make Your Bathroom Spa-like in Seconds


If you’ve been working from home for the last year, you’ve probably already created the perfect home office. So, how about treating yourself to a bathroom upgrade now? No hard labour required! These cheap and cheerful improvements will make any bathroomspa-like in minutes.

Eliminate Clutter
The spa is about calm and relaxation, clutter is unwelcome. Limit the number of body wash and shampoo bottles. When possible, buy the same brand so they match. Look for calm colours. If you like loofahs, use a hook to hang it stylishly.

Refresh Your Towels
Fluffy towels in the same hue are essential for the transformation. Extra large ones you can wrap yourself in after a shower will feel luxurious. If you have the space, re-create that spa look by storing clean towels baskets, or on a bamboo bench.

Replace Rods with Hooks
Hooks are a simple modern upgrade. Perfect for hanging towels of any size, as well as a plush terry cloth robe. Include a pair of terry cloth slippers and a terry cloth headband and transport yourself instantly to a place of calm and relaxation.

Make Room for Plants
No matter how small your bathroom is, there’s room for at least one plant. No spa-like space is complete without these life givers. Your best choice depends on the room’s layout and natural light. Go online, there’s a perfect plant for every space.

Adopt a Few New Cleaning Habits
The most important thing to remember when for a spa-like space is cleanliness.  Spas are immaculate, not an easy task, especially with a busy household.  Keep a soap dispensing wand handy to clean your shower after every use.

Add a Little Aromatherapy
Much like a bath bomb, shower steamers are an easy way to infuse spa-like aromas in your shower. Dropped in the corner of your shower, the hot water and steam helps to disperse the scent of the essential oils for any number of health benefits.

Save your Shower Curtain from Soap Scum & Mildew



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