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Over time, your wooden fence can become dirty. Don’t let dirt and mildew get you down! Here are some tips to help you get your wooden fence looking new again.

When cleaning your fence, it’s important to refrain from using harsh chemicals as they can cause damage to your flowers and grass. A power washer is often all you need to clean your fence. To start, make sure you have a power washer that is 2,700 PSI or less. In order to clean effectively, use a wider spray nozzle to cover more ground. Keep the nozzle approximately twelve to eighteen inches away from the fence while cleaning.

For stubborn areas that need a little bit more elbow grease, mix a solution of environmentally friendly dish soap and water into a bucket. Apply and scrub the area with the solution using a soft bristled scrub brush. Rinse the area using your garden hose or power washer.