Six Items you should Remove from the Bathroom Now's featured image

1. Bar soap. Bar soap increases the amount of cleaning you will have to do because it gets grimy faster. Instead, use a liquid soap with a pump or hands-free soap dispenser, which is much easier to clean up.

2. Earrings and other jewelry. The humidity in the bathroom can cause your jewelry to tarnish because it speeds up the oxidation process. Store jewelry in a cool dry area instead (like your bedroom).

3. Aspirin and other medicine. Humidity is bad news when it comes to medicines too. Keep prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines at about 68-77°F.

4. Makeup. It doesn’t matter if you like powder, cream or liquid makeup, the bathroom is not the best storage room. Store your makeup at room temperature to keep it at its best.

5. Linens: The bathroom breeds mould and mildew so keep linens in another room. Run the exhaust fan as much as possible and leave the door open so air will help dry damp towels on the rack.

6. Books you’re reading. If you like some reading material in the bathroom that’s fine, but don’t store your book there. Humidity can damage the paper of books, magazine and other paper-based material, so instead opt to bring your reading into the bathroom with you.