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This is the Best Way to Declutter Your Nightstand


Is your bedside table a magnet for clutter? It’s so easy to let it happen. Before you know it, the surface is buried beneath books, drinking glasses, eyeglasses, hair elastics, and earrings, among other things you take off at night. All that clutter can take its toll, not only on your bedroom aesthetic but also on your sleep habits. Take back the night (and while you’re at it your nightstand) with a few organizational tips from the cleaning enthusiasts at Molly Maid.

Clear the Clutter

Take everything off your nightstand, including the light (if you have one). Using a damp microfibre cloth, give it a good clean. If your bedside table has a drawer, it too needs to be organized. Take everything out – we’ll get to that later.! What about a shelf? If your nightstand has a shelf, clear it. Even if it’s nicely maintained with books, clear it and wipe it.

Limit Essentials

This is where it gets interesting. Take a good hard look at all the items you’ve uncovered. Ask yourself what’s essential and what’s not. Be honest. You don’t need that much when you sleep. A few essential items – an alarm clock, your book, and a glass of water. Ok, maybe two books! Your bedside table should be a clear space for the most part. Like clean bed linens, a clean nightstand impacts a good sleep.

Relocate Your Phone

While many of us have ditched the alarm clock for a smartphone, sleep experts insist on making your nightstand a no-phone zone to help promote better sleep. The blue light messes with your body’s ability to prepare for sleep because it blocks a hormone called melatonin that makes you sleepy. Find a place downstairs or in the bathroom to charge your phone overnight and wake up more refreshed.

Use a Drawer Organizer

Don’t just declutter the surface. If you have a nightstand with drawers, consider getting a drawer organizer. There’s nothing more disheartening than opening a drawer in a nice clean room and finding it in complete disarray. Again, discard any junk and keep only essential items and possibly a nice lavender mist to spray over linens for optimal sleep and sweet dreams. No drawer? A decorative box is a good substitute.

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