Spring Into Spring with Healthy Living Tips from Molly Maid!'s featured image

Spring is always a breath of fresh air. Now that spring has chased away the cold, dark days of winter, here are some great ways to rejuvenate your body and mind!

Reconnect with an old friend. Have you been meaning to have dinner with a friend you haven’t seen in years? Studies have shown that spending time with friends and socializing can give you more energy and even help you live longer.  Reconnect and make it happen!

Keep fresh flowers in the house.  If you ask MOLLY MAID, flowers are a wonderful way to add a fresh aroma to the air, and they also brighten your home décor. Interestingly, research has found flowers can actually improve your mood and make you feel more positive. Do your flowers need a bit of shine on their leaves? Read our houseplant shining tips blog today.

Treat yourself to a lazy night.  Curl up with a good book, watch a movie, have a bubble bath, or go to bed early. These feel-good activities can all contribute to your overall health by helping to reduce stress and lower your blood pressure. Most tasks (yes, even chores on your house cleaning checklist) can usually wait until tomorrow… so go ahead, indulge. You’ll wake up refreshed and ready for your day.

Go for a walk after dinner.  A common misconception is that exercise makes you tired. Research has shown that regular exercise can actually increase energy levels. Instead of watching TV after dinner, go for a walk, breathe in the fresh air, and help your dinner digest. Bring along pets or your children, and make it a family event.

Dress in spring colours.  One spring cleaning chore is to put away your dark winter clothes… and pull out your brighter spring wardrobe. Yellow, green and orange will help brighten your day for sure – these colours are commonly associated with feelings of friendliness, relaxation and optimism!

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