Summer’s End: A Cleaning Guide's featured image

As the end of the summer draws near, it’s time to start putting away and organizing your summer things. Here’s a guide to help you put away some popular summer activity items.

Tent: If you used your tent frequently this summer, give it a quick clean before storing it. Set your tent up in the backyard and give it a once over. Use a broom to sweep out any loose leaves and dirt. If your tent needs a thorough cleaning, a microfibre cloth, natural soap and water will do the trick. Use the solution to spot clean problem areas. Never put your tent into the washing machine, or use bleach or dish detergent to clean it. This can cause significant damage to your tent and ruin its waterproof layer. Once you have finished cleaning your tent, air it out in a shaded area until it is fully dry. Packing up a damp tent can cause mould and mildew to form.

Beach towels: When you have finished your day at the beach, make sure you give your towel a good shaking before packing it into the car. This will prevent you from tracking sand into your home. Before storing your beach towels for the colder month, give them a quick wash on a warm water cycle to help get rid of unwanted germs and bacteria. Tumble-dry towels for a fluffy finish.

Sleeping bags: Turn your sleeping bag inside out and shake it out, outdoors. Check the label for washing instructions. If your sleeping bag is machine washable, start by unzipping the sleeping bag completely. Wash your sleeping bag in cold water on a delicate cycle. Add a few tennis balls to the load to make sure the stuffing doesn’t clump. Once the cycle is complete, apply pressure to the sleeping bag while it is still inside the washing machine. If soap bubbles appear, run the sleeping bag through an additional rinse cycle. Repeat the rinse cycle as many times as necessary. To dry your sleeping bag, hang it out to dry, or tumble dry it on low heat. Always check the instructions on the tag prior to cleaning.

Water shoes: Take shoes outside and bang the soles together to remove any dried dirt. If they need a thorough cleaning, submerge them in a bucket of water and use an old tooth brush to remove any caked on dirt. Leave them to dry in a shaded area. To remove all of the moisture, add some crumpled up newspapers to the inside of the water shoes.