Take Me out to the Ballpark and Wash Me when I Get Gross!'s featured image

Your favourite baseball cap is so much more than a simple fashion statement in the summer. While it may cheer on the home team, it also shades your face from the blinding sun, protecting your eyes and skin from harmful UV rays. The only downside to this fashion powerhouse is that dirt and sweat are unavoidable, making your once pristine cap look tired and worn out. But, don’t dismay! Baseball caps CAN be washed and still retain their glory. It just takes a little TLC.

Just make sure not to throw them in the washing machine! The brim of your cap is made of cardboard covered in fabric. Cardboard, like any paper product, does not do well in water. So, a quick vigorous wash is out.

First, check for specific washing instructions. If not, proceed as follows:

  1.  Fill the sink or a bucket with warm water and a mild dishwashing detergent or even liquid hand soap or your favourite body wash. Avoid any cleaning product with bleach because it will stain your cap.
  2.  Using a microfibre cloth and the soapy solution, spot clean dirty spots.
  3.  For sweat stains, reach for a bottle of shampoo. Shampoo is designed to loosen and remove body oils and will do a great job cleaning your cap.
  4.  Rinse your cap with cool water to remove soapy residue (remember: don’t submerge the brim or the cardboard will get soggy).
  5.  Now it’s time to air dry – away from direct sunlight so its colours don’t fade.

Then there’s also the dry-wash method! Simply sprinkle a little baking soda inside the cap and wait a few minutes for it to absorb odour. Shake out and go! Although this method won’t remove stains, your cap will smell like new!



Photo by Aman Jakhar