The Art of Cleaning Stainless Steel Bowls's featured image

In the heart of most kitchens, there’s a stack of stainless steel bowls. These sleek, shiny workhorses assist in countless kitchen adventures, but with each use, they accumulate battle scars. Let us help you restore your stainless to their lustrous glory.

Assess and Sort

Before diving into the cleaning process, let’s take a moment to assess the condition of your stainless steel bowls. Sort them based on their level of tarnish or residue. This way you can create a customized cleaning regimen.


Prepare a sudsy bath for your stainless steel companions by combining warm water with a few drops of mild dish soap. Allow them to soak, letting the soapy concoction work its magic on the layers of grease and grime. This gentle immersion sets the stage for the grand reveal.


Not all your stainless steel bowls will need this step, but for those that do, grab a soft-bristled brush or sponge to delicately scrub away any stubborn spots. The key is to apply gentle pressure, letting the brush whisk away impurities without scratching the surface. For those that don’t need a good scrub, skip on down to the rinse cycle.


Once your stainless steel companions have soaked in their bubble bath for 15 minutes or so, rinse them under cool, running water. It’s a small but wonderful victory when you see the suds and residues gracefully wash away, revealing the inherent brilliance of the steel beneath. Pat the bowls dry with a soft cloth, ensuring no water spots tarnish their hard-earned shine.


Photo by Collab Media on Unsplash