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The Best Budget-Friendly Citrus Cleaning Solution


So often the best things in life are homemade. Just type “DIY” in a Google search and watch the floodgates open. You’ll find an endless list of home decor projects, clothing hacks and recipes for homemade cleaning products. Not only satisfying to make, but the homemade stuff is also typically more eco-friendly and often less expensive. Take this simple to make Citrus Cleaning Solution that cuts through grease and smells amazing! You’ll love having it in your cleaning arsenal. 



  • A spray bottle
  • White vinegar
  • Water
  • An orange or lemon


 Here’s how to make it:

  1. Boil equal parts water and white vinegar together. Usually about a cup to 2 cups each, depending on the size of your spray bottle.
  2. Add the peel of an orange or lemon into the pot and allow it to rest overnight.
  3. Pour solution and peel into the spray bottle and it’s ready to use.


PRO TIP: For the best cleaning results, pair your Citrus Cleaning Solution with a microfibre cloth. Microfibre cloths contain more than 200,000 fibers per inch of fabric and can absorb more than 7x their weight in water, making them much more effective than other cloths. 

Photo by Lauren Mancke on Unsplash