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Ancient artifact or modern necessity? The humble shoehorn dates back to the Middle Ages, where historical records indicate the Queen of England, Elizabeth 1st, bought 18 of them from her shoemaker, Garrett Johnson, between 1563 and 1566. Remarkably, she ordered four more in 1567 from the blacksmiths Gilbert Polson and Richard Jeffrey. The shoehorn was a hot item back then and antique shoe horns, housed now in museums, show people claimed ownership by etching their name across its surface so there would be no mistake to whom it belonged.


Today, this low-tech device is less in demand. But, if you’ve never used a shoehorn, you’re missing out. This age-old tool not to be dismissed, the benefits of using a shoehorn are plenty!


Helps Fit Into Snug Shoes

Your best friend in a rush, the shoehorn is like a mini slide for your heel to slip down and into your shoes easily. No more tugging and re-adjusting and better yet, no more squished fingers as you strenuously pull on your shoes.


Helps Prolong Shoe Life

Shoes can be expensive, we can prolong their life in easy ways, from using shoe cream and polish to spraying them with a water-resistant spray. And this is where the shoehorn really shines…by using it to slip on your shoes, you prevent damage to the back heel.


Helps Limit Bending

Pulling on our shoes can be arduous, especially as we age, are pregnant, or physically challenged. A shoehorn can help dramatically by reducing just how far we have to bend to slip on our shoes. Look for one with a long handle to reduce the distance that much more.   


Modern-day shoehorns come in many different lengths and types of material. From small ones that fit in your purse to longer ones that eliminate the need to bend down to put on your shoes. There are even those with a telescopic handle allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Shoe horns made of plastic are the cheapest but tend to break easily. Invest in higher quality shoehorns made of metal or wood, they’ll last you a lifetime.