The Secret Lives of Kitchen Scissors's featured image

In some households, kitchen scissors are multipurpose magicians. One minute they’re cutting architectural snowflakes, the next minute they’re slicing open a package of hot dogs, and after that someone’s getting their bangs trimmed. Sure, scissors have chameleonic superpowers, but it’s time you set some boundaries.

Post Pizza Party

One of our neighbours cuts everything with the same pair of scissors, even pizza slices! And the gross thing is that afterwards, she just shoves the scissors back into the drawer. Do. Not. Be. “That neighbour”! Have different scissors for different uses. Once you’ve sliced the cheese or cold cuts open, wash the scissors in hot water and soap, and dry thoroughly before re-using. Or simply put them in the dishwasher.

Après Arts & Crafts

If you or your kids use scissors for crafting, keep those scissors away from food prep. Arts and craft scissors are normally covered in fibres, glue, glitter and germs. Do not even think about using them to cut your garden herbs!

Hair & Make up Kit

No, the kitchen scissors are not to be used to cut your bangs, your makeup packaging and/or your face masks. Instead, pick up kid-sized scissors or folding scissors at the dollar store and keep them just for cosmetic use. They’re great because they’re compact and will fit inside your make-up bag.

PRO TIP: White vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and unflavoured vodka are natural disinfectants. When using your scissors on food packaging, it’s imperative that you sanitize them after each use. If you have a dishwasher, run your scissors through a high heat/anti-bacteria cycle. If you’re hand washing, soak scissors in a boiling hot water bath. Whether using a dishwasher or washing by hand, after washing, wipe the blades with a microfibre cloth dabbed in a natural disinfectant. After blades are wiped, wipe handles and screws.

Having multi-use items is a great way to cut down on kitchen space items and to clean out and organize your kitchen tools drawer. Our cleaning service experts at Molly Maid understand the importance of having a clean kitchen! Contact your local MOLLY MAID today to start your road to a clean and happy kitchen!




Photo by Iris Hamelmann