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The grass may or may not be greener on the other side, but one thing’s for sure, it’s got a weed or two tangled up in its blades. Now, how to manage those weeds can vary from a ‘just ignore them, and grow a meadow-esque lawn’ or, ‘weed obsessively, and strive to have the best-manicured lawn in the neighbourhood’. But what happens when you’re a time-starved lawn care newbie who dreams of being a weeding ninja?

Choosing the Right Weeding Tools

If you’re brand new to the world of weeding, don’t google ‘weeding tools.’ The search result will provide a staggering 11.4 million answers, only adding to your confusion. In a nutshell, there are weeders for large areas like farming fields, weeders for weeds that grow up through pavement cracks, weeders for extra-large yards, and the humblest of workhorses: handheld weeders for small yards. Plus, there’s also the weeders specifically designed just for dandelions. If you’re in the market for an entry-level, cheap and cheerful weeder, buy a hand weeder. They’re available at all hardware stores and gardening centres, and they’ll only set you back about $10.

Hand-Weeding Know-How

Hand weeders are so basic, most don’t come with instructions. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Step 1: Brush aside grasses and other weeds. If you happen to be weeding dandelions, lift up one or two of its leaves until you find where the roots enter the earth.

Step 2: Dig your two-pronged weeder down into the earth about half an inch away from the dandelion.

Step 3: As you hold up the dandelion/weed in one hand, lever the weeder up and down until the weed loosens. The goal is to get the entire root, so no further weeds bloom. FYI, if you weed right after it has rained the soil is moist, so it’s easier to remove the entire root system.

Go The Extra Mile with Mulch

If this is your first season trying to manage weeds in a flower bed, you’ll be over the moon to learn that mulching helps prevent weeds! Once you’ve weeded around your flower bed, lay down 1-2 inches of mulch around your flower bed. Once in a while, a persistent weed will break through the mulch barrier, but it will be nothing compared to life pre-mulch.

PRO TIP: No matter how small of an area you’re dealing with, the first year of lawn care will require the most hands-on work. For a newbie, the work can feel insurmountable. Take heart in the routine of setting aside weekly weeding time; a mere 30 minutes once a week will make a world of difference!


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Photo by Ylanite Koppens