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Award-winning author, Jenny Blake, is a career and business strategist, international speaker, LinkedIn course instructor, and host of the popular podcast, Pivot. Her most recent podcast episode could not have been published at a better time of the year, episode 350 is entitled The Simple Yet Powerful Three-Word Phrase that Shifts My Day. Hint: the phrase has nothing to do with holiday shopping.

Small Ways to Make a Big Shift

Ready for the little-big reveal? The three words that can make a world of difference this time of year are: “I get to”. This tiny but mighty phrase flips our usual “I have to” around with sheer positivity. For example, instead of saying to yourself “I have to spend so much money on gifts”, try reframing with “I get to show the people I love how much they mean to me.”

From Obligation to Gratitude

When we think that visiting family or having to host our friends is an obligation it creates resentment and lots of other stressful feelings. It may not feel natural at first, but over time the more you continuously switch your thoughts from burdens to opportunities you’ll feel empowered by your choice-making. Try thinking about how lucky you are to have these people in your life and you’ll be flooded with feelings of gratitude and joy.

Switch to Happiness

Saying “I have to” sounds like complaining. Saying “I get to” sounds like you’re seeing the glass is half full. Habits are hard to break, but this small three-word change in your thoughts and words will help you feel more energized, motivated and relaxed. Even when times are tough at work, in traffic, or in a passport renewal line up, you can practice thinking “I get to work through challenges”. Notice how much more motivated you feel when you’re speaking from a position of choice.

Try This Next

What’s one thing you’re dreading this week? What happens when you shift your mindset from “I have to” toward “I get to”? Does anything feel lighter or freer? Still need a bit of practice? Try another one of Jenny’s podcasts, we highly recommend number 348: How to Experience More Everyday Awe with Dacher Keltner.


Photo by D Jonez on Unsplash