Tips and Tricks to Battle your Children’s Playtime Stains's featured image

There’s a snow storm outside so playtime has moved inside.  Making crafts with your children is a great way to pass the time, but accidents are inevitable with young children. Here are some household remedies that will work wonders on common childhood messes:

  • CRAYONS: Did your children use your wall to create a beautiful crayon mural? Apply a small amount of paint thinner to an old cloth and rub the crayon stain. Wipe clean with a dry microfibre cloth.
  • FINGERPRINTS: Moisten a microfibre cloth with a neutral disinfectant cleaning solution to clean dirty surfaces, especially glass. This will remove the fingerprints as well as any germs.
  • GUM: If the item is small, place it in the freezer overnight to let the gum harden. The next day, carefully scratch the gum off with a knife. If that doesn’t work, try using a tiny bit of paint thinner to help loosen the gum from the item. If the gum is stuck to the carpet or couch, you will want to try to freeze it with an ice cube then chip away the pieces.
  • PLAYDOUGH: For playdough stuck in your carpet, apply a dry-cleaning solvent to a white cloth and lay the cloth over the affected area for sixty seconds. Carefully lift the cloth and rub it against the rug in one consistent direction to remove the playdough.