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Ask a room of a thousand people, “What brings you joy?” and travel, relationships and fulfilling work will top the lists. Not one will say scrubbing my toilet. But we’re here to help reset your thought pattern when it comes to this unglamorous but necessary chore. By channeling the motivational wisdom of gurus like Tony Robbins, Gail Vaz-Oxlade and Louise Hay, you too can make your toilet bowl goals achievable in three easy steps!

You Need the Tools

Imagine if you were going to bake a cake and everything you needed, from the ingredients to the baking pans, was spread throughout the house. You’d likely give up on baking, right? Same principle applies to cleaning your toilet. If you have three bathrooms, but you keep the cleaning supplies in the basement, how often do you think you’d clean? Likely, only when things looked unbearable or when guests were coming over. Make your toilet bowl goals a daily habit by creating a cleaning kit for each bathroom. All you need is one toilet bowl scrubber, rubber gloves, a microfibre cloth and your favourite cleaning spray.

You Need a Foolproof System

You decide how often you want to clean the bathroom(s), and then stick to the plan. If yours is a very busy household, cleaning the busiest toilet on a daily basis is a good idea. You don’t need to dry mop, vacuum or scrub the bathroom; just focus on the toilet! Before you go to bed, spray one or two pumps of cleaner into the toilet, give the toilet a super speedy scrub. No need to get overzealous, and burnt out, the other toilets can wait. Just clean them weekly.

You Need a Little Help

If you have a roommate, draft a cleaning plan. If you have a partner, draft a cleaning plan. If you have children who are old enough to borrow your car, your toilet bowl goals have to become their goals too. Again, you’re not asking them to deep clean all three bathrooms at the same time. Just break it down, toilet by toilet. If your child has an ensuite, make sure there’s a well-stocked cleaning kit at their disposal. Teaching them about home hygiene at a young age will teach them health habits for life.



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