Use F.L.O.S.S. to Keep Wreaths & Garlands Fresh's featured image

No matter how little pine, cedar, cypress, juniper, fir and/or spruce you use, decorating with boughs of greenery this holiday can bring the wonder of winter inside! Not only does it look merry and bright, it smells amazing! But as with anything fresh, keeping it lush and vibrant throughout the festive season can be tough—unless you remember to F.L.O.S.S.! This simple little acronym may be the answer to keeping your wreaths and garlands fresh through to New Year’s.

F – Buy Fresh

The fresher the better! It just makes sense. As soon as that branch is cut from the tree it has a shelf life. Without your help, it will wilt quickly. Before buying, here’s a little tip: bend the needles to test the freshness. If they’re brown, brittle and break easily, buy somewhere else.


L – Location, Location, Location

Wreaths and garland hung outside will last longer than those hung indoors. Inside, it’s best to hang greenery away from hot air vents and bright lights. If exposed to heat, they’ll dry out much faster. So, if you’re planning to hang a wreath above the fireplace, be sure to have a spray bottle nearby to mist regularly.


O – Keep Outdoors

Much like a refrigerator keeps our food fresh, the cold climate outside will do the same for your fresh boughs until you’re ready to decorate. Although technically outside, avoid hanging your wreath between the front and storm door. Being sandwiched between doors restricts airflow, reduces moisture levels and can easily overheat if exposed to sunlight.


S – Super Soak!

Give your fresh greens a thorough soaking to rehydrate foliage before you decorate. A bucket, the sink or the tub is ideal, depending on the size and number of wreaths and boughs you have purchased. Fill with fresh, clean water and let them soak for a full 24 hours. This will give them the head start they need to stay nice and green for the whole holiday!


S – Spray Regularly

Once your decorations are in place, stand back, admire, and accept adulations. But, also remember to spray them with a mist of water every other day. Although not as good as receiving water from the roots, water is water and needed to keep your wreaths and garlands needles moist.


PRO TIP: Many florists and horticulturists claim that for indoor decor, pine, fir and cedar usually last a little longer than other greenery. If you like to decorate early definitely keep this in mind.


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