Water Down: How to Clean a Clogged Sprinkler Head's featured image

Sprinkler heads often get clogged with lawn cuttings, twigs, dirt and debris that affect its overall performance. Here are a few tips to help get your sprinkler in good working order.

Quick fix: Turn the sprinkler on and assess its condition. If you notice only a few holes lacking pressure, you may be able to unclog them using an open paper clip. Start by turning off your sprinkler and gently press the end of the paper clip into each of the clogged holes. Turn the sprinkler back on to evaluate your success. If the sprinkler is still not working correctly, or if the entire sprinkler head is lacking pressure, detach the sprinkler head, remove the sleeve, wipe out any debris and place the sprinkler head into a bucket of hot water to soak. Once you’ve allowed it to soak for a reasonable amount of time return the sprinkler head to the hose and attempt turning it on again. If a deeper clean is necessary, soak the sprinkler head in a bowl of white vinegar overnight. Rinse the sprinkler head thereafter and buff dry. Reattach the sprinkler head and assess your work!