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More Amazing Pool Noodle Hacks


Out-of-the-ordinary, wacky household hacks that work are always worth celebrating! And, we can’t get enough of the many different ways to use a pool noodle. Pool noodles aren’t just for floating around the pool anymore, they can be used in almost every room of your house, indoors and out.

Storage Solution

A pool noodle is a quick and easy way to organize your broom, mop, extendable duster and Swiffer dry or wet jet. Simply stick your pool noodle to the wall with some command sticks and carefully make slits that will hold each item.

Customize Tools

Cut and modified or left intact, the pool noodle can become the perfect accessory. From a vacuum attachment for tough to reach nooks and crannies, or an extendable hose inside the house to fill a cleaning bucket less awkwardly. All it takes is a little creativity.

Tiny Tot Bed Bumper

Worried your child might roll out of bed? Or maybe they have already? A pool noodle bed bumper is a simple remedy (and portable too). Just tuck the noodle under the fitted sheet of your child’s bed to create a soft but secure bed bumper.

Crease Free Pants

The morning is hectic enough to have to worry about creases. So, grab your handy dandy pool noodle, cut it to fit the length of your hanger, slice it down the side and place it over the rung. The soft curve of the noodle will keep pants from ever creasing again.

Ingenious Camping Hack

Tents and awnings all have a way of letting rainwater pool in low-lying areas that eventually dump water on the ground in a sudden whoosh on unwitting victims. Cut a pool noodle in half lengthwise and place it strategically underneath the lip of your roof to deflect water from collecting.


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