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7 Things to Get You Up & Out of the House (While it’s Being Cleaned)

You’ve made the call and the date is set! Our cleaning experts are scheduled to come and clean your home. Visions of squeaky clean countertops, super shiny floors (clean enough to eat off), and spotlessly scrubbed bathrooms have you grinning from ear to ear. But, what do you do while our team is working hard to make all your cleaning dreams come true? During the pandemic, leaving the house can be daunting. We have 7 suggestions that are not only productive but fun, cost-free and obey social distancing protocols. 

Restock the Pantry

Kill two birds with one stone,  coordinate the time you go grocery shopping with the scheduled time of your cleaning service. You’ll feel like a superhero at the end of the day!

Curbside Shop

Although some shops are still open, online shopping has picked up traction. If you’ve chosen curbside pick-up over delivery, plan to do so during your cleaning service. This includes, picking up new reading material from the library.

Increase Your Steps

We’re all trying to watch our weight with gyms in lockdown. So, why not increase your steps while our team cleans your home. Walk the dog, go for a run or explore a new neighbourhood, park or trail.

Reconnect with Nature

Spring is just around the corner. Every day is a little bit longer so why not find some inner peace outdoors. Take a hike (literally) or go birdwatching. If too much silence is not your thing, listen to some music, an audio book or podcast.

Go to the Park

Ok. The snow may be melting but you can still spend time with the kids. Take them to the park, pull out the bikes or throw a ball around. It’s good for everyone to enjoy a little fresh air and shake the cobwebs free.

Car Maintenance

While your house is getting a little attention, why not give your car some TLC? Clean out clutter and head to the local service station. Pump up tires, vacuum interior and hit the car wash.

Take a Drive in the Country

Explore new vistas and clear your head! A quick online search can reveal local unknown treasures, trails and hot spots and your GPS will get you there. Pack some snacks or a lunch and don’t forget your mask.

Image by Lisa Runnels via Pixabay